Direct mail coupons - 5 ways to boost response

Here are five techniques that will increase the response to your promotion by at least 30 per cent. All can go in the coupon in your direct mail pack:

1. See before you buy: put those words in a box in your coupon. It’s another way to tell the reader it’s a free trial offer. That means he can send the item back for a full refund.

2. Free trial offer: explain carefully in detail in the coupon what the free trial promise is. For example, give the reader ‘10 days at your desk to decide’.

3. Very urgent orders: Telling people there is a way of getting their order in a hurry will always increase response. You can do that by giving a priority telephone or fax order number.

4. Ordering more than one: tell people what to do if they want several items, for friends, family or colleagues. For a subscription promotion offer to trade the subscriber up to a three or two year subscription.

5. Opt-in box: getting people to agree to receive further promotional material means lots of extra revenue, but can be a difficult to do. The answer is, don’t apologise: sell it as ‘A full updating service’. But make sure you give readers the opportunity to be taken off the mailing list, either entirely or partially.

A note of caution! You may be tempted to skim over these five techniques and think you have either seen them before, or that they are ‘just commonsense’. Or you may agree they are useful and will try to remember to ‘use them in the future’. But those five gems are worth printing out and pinning to your wall!


Details like these will turn an average promotion into a star performer, slow business into fast-moving and a mediocre copywriter into a great one.

If you go to the website, they have softeware that guides you to producing effective copy:

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