Confidential: the best and worst in subscriptions marketing

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In our confidential area you’ll learn:

1. What’s working now? One of the UK’s top list brokers tells us what’s working at the moment. He should know because he manages the lists marketing people are renting. He lunches with the top mailers, knows what they are selling and what’s bringing in the response.

2. Building lists and dealing with brokers and list owners. Priceless information on how to profit from the lists you rent or borrow.

3. Example email promotions selling subscriptions in various markets. One of these is doing really well, while the others struggle. See the difference and work the effective features into your own efforts.

4. The best there is: email marketing doesn’t get any better than this long letter promotion that continues to bring in hundreds of new subscribers every time it’s sent out, each paying £53 / $97 renewing annually. It has never failed to work since it was first sent out in 2003.

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