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Creating emails

how can I write great emails?

Gavin – a very good question! Creating an effective email is the same as creating an effective sales letter for a direct mail pack. The main difference, for me, is that instead of having an order coupon, it has links to the landing page. The landing page has the same function as the coupon, containing the same elements.

Most email promotions have links throughout the copy to enable the reader to place his order. That usually means one link per screen view.

However, one of the most successful email promotions I have written was of the story of a great veteran athlete, Sylvester Stein, who took up sprinting at a late age and won two gold medals. The story is a strong one and I wrote it to advertise the Peak Performance letter.

I took the view that to break the story up with links offering a subscription to the publication would not be right – the reader would be diverted from the story, which really needed the whole letter to tell — around six pages of A4.

It turned out I was right, and the letter became one of the top performers in the subscription building programme. You can see the promotion by registering with our confidential area.

But for most email promotions, links should run regularly throughout the copy. And the copy should follow the same principles as a direct mail sales letter. See our article on how these are constructed.

If you go to the website, they have softeware that guides you to producing effective copy:

Sales Letter