Subscriptions website business models - free special issues

Which are the successful website business models? This is a hot topic because so many publishers’ websites – probably most – are losing money. That is why we have produced a special bumper size issue to show what is currently working.

What has the Economist got to do with fish?

If you don’t explain what’s special about your product, how
can you expect to attract long-term readers? How can you expect
them to pay a reasonable rate for a subscription? People pay for benefits and you should charge what your words are worth.

Subscriptions Strategy

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter carries International case studies of the very best marketing for publishers around: for the Internet, newsletters, books, websites and magazines etc. Get instant access with 4 free special reports worth £132. Each report is packed with ‘best practice’ marketing techniques

Creating loose insert cards and leaflets

Most magazine loose insert cards don’t list the benefits a reader would get from reading the magazine it’s inserted in. This omission is common among magazine publishers, because they feel that as the reader has the magazine in his hands why tell him what’s in it? This is a common trap …

Subscription marketing: advertisements

Learn how to create powerful off-the-page advertisements, with articles on how to administer financial ‘rules-of-thumb’, create hot headlines, avoid 7 common headline pitfalls, ensure visual appeal, use 9 effective illustrations and more …

15 subscription marketing clichés and other crap

Here are some examples of the kind of copy clichés you’ll find in subscription marketing promotions – maybe on your desk at some point. The problem is that each could be used for almost any business promotion – and often are.

Please don’t use these for your publication!

7 most common copywriting mistakes

This is a great article from Marketing Experiments, showing some spectacular lifts in response to landing pages, buttons and copy.

Peter Hobday on copywriting

As a leading copywriter, it would be easy for me to sit here and write a nice long article about how good I am at my job. After all, making a product or service look really good is what copywriters do.

But I won’t because that is really up to others to decide.

So I thought I would put down a few quotes from clients. These are people who use Subscriptions Strategy for email promotions, website promotions, direct mail packs and training sessions etc. The quotes have not been doctored or cut!

Subscription marketing: loose inserts

How to create highly responsive loose inserts with tips on how to: * Get a subscriber to ‘opt in’ with an email address * Up-sell your subscriber at conception * Use ‘Pretty Pricing’ to present your subscription rate * Decide how many cards to insert in a single issue* and more …

Is your MD a direct marketer?

Debates about the future of publishing rage on. But no one is confronting the major issue: today’s publishing MDs are no longer fit for purpose.

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